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Face Yoga Works!!!! It is a unique technique to turn back the clock.  No Botox or filler needed, visible results in two weeks! It focuses on your facial movements and expressions, and teaches you how to exercise your facial muscles to create a firmer and more sculpted face-lift.  Its more than just Face Yoga, first step our certified instructor will help you REALIZE your bad habits that you have formed over the years.  Next our instructor with help you RELEASE tension from your muscles, releasing these muscles can help you achieve your desired results.  REBUILD, rebuilding to firm the muscles in your face.  The next step is RELAX, you relax the muscle, its like stretching after a good work out. Finally REPEAT!  Its like peeling an onion by the layers, you repeat and it goes deeper and deeper.  As you progress, your poses go deeper and deeper, and the process goes deeper and deeper to achieve a mind/body connection. By using deep breathing body yoga techniques, it promotes better circulation, resulting in more oxygen and nutrients in the body & face. It helps to mimic the effects of botox and filler injections, but in an authentically beautiful way.

Improve skin health and look naturally younger in 8-weeks or less!

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Charlie is certified in the highly coveted and intense Face Yoga Method by Fumiko Takatsu.  Charlie will use her over 25 years experience in skin care as a Master Esthetician, as well as the many tools under her belt to design a program that's personalized just for you!! 

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